Table of Topics

Preface xiii
We Thought Fascism and Communism were Defeatedxiv
China’s 100-Year Marathon to World Dominationxv
We Are Facing a Two-Headed Beastxvi
How Did We Get Here?xvii
The Cain-Abel Paradigmxvii
Cain and Abel in History and the World Todayxix
This is the Hour of Decisionxxi
Our Personal Responsibilityxxi
Good and Evilxxvii
Marxism’s Challenge to Christianityxxviii
A History of Socialist and Communist Failurexxx
Evil’s Ideological Empirexxxi
The Final Fulfillment of Human Purposexxxiii
Chapter 1The Crisis in Today’s World1
Marxism and Critical Theories are Destroying Civilization
The Threat of the Chinese Communist Party3
The Political Pendulum Problem3
A Durable Solution4
Communist Deceptions5
And Those Deceived6
Addressing Communist Deception7
A Spiritual Ideology is Needed8
Today’s Conflicts are Rooted in Ideology9
Chapter 2In the Beginning12
Two Opposing Views of the Origin and Purpose of Humankind
The Divine Purpose and Nature of Creation13
The Harmonious Duality of Creator and Creation14
The Physical World and Spiritual World15
The Materialist View of Existence16
Dialectical Materialism17
Consequences of Atheistic Ideology18
The Complementary Nature of Religion and Science19
Human Growth to Maturity21
Perfecting Love Through Three Blessings21
Free Will and Personal Responsibility22
The Importance of Marriage and Family24
We Hold the Key to Our Future25
Chapter 3The Origin of Evil27
Human Alienation From God
The Biblical Account of Evil’s Origin27
The Fall as a Perversion of Divine Love29
The First Lie30
Results of the Fall32
Enduring Consequences34
The Creator’s Parental Nature35
We Are Not Alone36
Chapter 4The Way of Abel37
A Divine Strategy for Human Restoration
Cain and Abel Archetypes of Evil and Good37
The Difficult Way of Abel39
Reconciliation of Cain and Abel41
The Role of Religion42
Chapter 5The Struggle Between Good and Evil in History44
Historical Materialism or Divine Providence?
The Providential Nature of History44
Historical Materialism45
Socialism as a Necessary Step to Communism47
The Marxist Myth of Socialism ‘Withering Away’48
The Real Legacy of Socialism50
Divine Providence Propels History51
The Family of Abraham and Sarah53
The Cain-Abel Paradigm Shapes Providential History54
Chapter 6The Axial Age: An Era of Global Enlightenment56
Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Awakening
The Rise of Asian Religions and Philosophies56
The Rise of Classical Greece60
Impact of The Axial Age62
Chapter 7Jesus and the Christian Era64
Global Enlightenment Accelerates the Mission of Jesus
The Global Impact of Jesus’ Premature Death65
The Birth of Christianity67
The Great Schism67
The Folly of the Crusades68
The Evil of the Inquisition69
The Inhuman Practice of Slavery70
The Reformation and Counter-Reformation70
Christianity Goes Global73
Chapter 8The Rise of Islam74
A Challenge to Christianity
The Advent of Islam Changes the World74
Islam Fulfills a Promise to Ishmael75
An Early Chance for Reconciliation77
Global Expansion78
A Shared Mission for Abrahamic Faiths79
Chapter 9Renewal and Revolution in Europe80
Cain and Abel Movements Shape the Future
The Renaissance80
The Enlightenment81
Cain and Abel Revolutions in Europe82
Britain’s Glorious Revolution82
The French Revolution84
The Long Shadow of Rousseau85
The French Revolution Foreshadows Fascism and Communism88
The Glorious Revolution Foreshadows Democratic Governments89
Chapter 10The Advent of Communism90
Marxism Offers an Earthly Utopia
The Genesis of Marxism91
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels92
Neo-Marxism: Frankfurt School and Postmodernism94
Is Marxism Scientific?95
The Absence of Science in Scientific Socialism97
The Marxist View of Evil99
Marx’s Cain Nature is Embodied in Marxism100
Marxism Perfects Cain Ideology101
The Mentality of Bullies102
In Marxism, Ends Always Justify the Means103
The Marxist Criticism of Christianity105
Marxism’s Falsehoods Doom it to Failure106
Developing an Effective Alternative to Marxism107
Chapter 11A Bitter 20th Century Harvest109
Evil Unleashed: Socialism, Communism and Fascism
Radical Ideas Spawn Totalitarian Regimes109
A Century of Suffering110
The Soviet Union114
Creation of the Soviet Empire116
China Surpasses Russia in Cruelty and Destruction118
The Evil of Communism’s Global Specter121
Fascism: A 20th Century Brand of Socialism122
The Socialism of Nazi Germany124
Hitler’s Cain Nature is Embodied in Nazism126
Why Communism is More Dangerous than Fascism126
Lessons That Must Never Be Forgotten128
Chapter 12The Communist Seduction129
Waking Up to a World of Broken Promises
A Predatory and Seductive Ideology129
The Problem of Blind Faith and Delayed Consequences131
Learning the Lessons of the Past132
France: Profound Disenchantment132
America: A Romance Sours134
Disillusionment Deepens138
Germany: Waking Up with Leah141
Italy: Too Many Betrayals145
The Religious Allure of Communism146
A Remarkable Resurgence of Socialism147
Chapter 13The Rise of Communist China149
Casting a Dark Shadow Across the Earth
The Most Dangerous Nation on Earth149
Capitalism Saves Communist China150
China’s State Capitalism150
Capitalism Enables China’s Surveillance State151
Capitalism Funds China’s Expanding Global Reach153
China’s Global Influence and Subversion Campaign155
China Practices Genocide158
Marxism is Antithetical to Traditional Chinese Faiths159
China Crushes Authentic Religions161
CPUSA Now Serves CCP Interests162
Why China is so Dangerous163
China’s 100-Year Marathon164
The Marathon Picks Up Speed167
Liberating Communist China168
Chapter 14Marxism Metastasizes I171
American Marxists Find a Trojan Horse and The Frankfurt School Marries Marx with Freud in Critical Theory
Collapse of the USSR Exposes the Evils of Marxism171
But Marxism Survives the Demise of the Soviet Union172
Communism Finds a Home in the Democratic Party173
Marxist Threads Run Through Neo-Marxist Offshoots175
An Inexcusable Embrace of Socialism176
Religion’s Failings Do Not Justify its Destruction177
Major Neo-Marxist Theories and Movements178
The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory178
Frankfurt’s Poison Infects America and the World180
The Destruction Wrought by the Sexual Revolution181
Alinsky Codifies a Radical Program for the Left182
Zinn Spreads Marxist Lies About America184
Marxism in Any Form Cannot Succeed185
Chapter 15Marxism Metastasizes II187
Postmodernism Takes Critical Theory Global
Foucault and Postmodernism187
An Amoral Theory from an Immoral Man188
Anti-Religion Theory190
Marxism Perverts Christianity in Liberation Theology192
Erroneously Conflating Marxism with Buddhism193
Denial of Science and Anti-Family Theory194
Withering Away of the Human Race?196
Queer Theory, Gender Studies and Transgenderism197
Radical Feminism, White Patriarch and Toxic Masculinity200
The Right to Infanticide202
What Are Human Rights?203
Radical Environmentalism204
Chapter 16Marxism Metastasizes III207
Social Justice Theory Invades Every Aspect of Life
What is Social Justice?207
Intersectionality and Identity Politics208
Postcolonial Theory210
Critical Race Theory, Anti-Racism, and White Privilege, Fragility and Supremacy212
Wokeness, Political Correctness and Cancel Culture214
Language as Violence, Hate Speech and Hate Crimes216
The Fusion of Marxism and Critical Theory217
False Divisions and True Diversity221
The Left’s Grievance Industry222
Chapter 17Making Fallen Nature the Law225
Governments Side with Lucifer and Cain
Evil is Codified in Legislation and Regulations225
Mandating Evil Worldwide226
Chapter 18America’s Providential Mission228
Divine Providence and The Rise of a Worldwide Abel
God’s Providence Spans the Atlantic228
The Great Awakening230
The American Revolution232
Today’s Challenge234
Regaining America’s Sense of Providential Purpose236
Confronting the Chinese Bully237
Ike Articulated the American Mission Well238
Chapter 19The Triumph of Good240
The Case for Personal Responsibility
The Providence of Restoration240
The Triumph of Good Over Evil241
A Final Contest Between Cain and Abel243
Providence Assures the Final Triumph of Good243
Chapter 20Translating Words Into Action245
Building an Alliance to Defeat Evil
The Work That Must Be Done245
The Enemy as a Two-Headed Beast246
The Cancerous Ideology of the Left247
The Totalitarianism of Communist China247
An Alliance for Good248
An Interfaith Mission248
A Multidimensional Engagement with the Left249
I. The Political and Economic Dimension (Including Domestic and Foreign Policy)250
II. The Intellectual and Ideological Dimension252
III. The Spiritual, Religious and Providential Dimension 253
A Personal Mission
A Personal Mission255
To Fulfill America’s Providential Purpose255
Chapter 21Conclusion258
The End of Marxism and the Dawn of a New Day
This is Our Mission258
Use the Cain-Abel Paradigm259
The Dawn of a New Day259