Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xxii
Chapter 1The Crisis in Today’s World1
Marxism and Critical Theories are Destroying Civilization
Chapter 2In the Beginning
Two Opposing Views of the Origin and Purpose of Humankind
Chapter 3The Origin of Evil27
Human Alienation from God
Chapter 4The Way of Abel37
A Divine Strategy for Human Restoration
Chapter 5The Struggle Between Good and Evil in History44
Historical Materialism or Divine Providence?
Chapter 6The Axial Age: An Era of Global Enlightenment56
Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Awakening
Chapter 7Jesus and the Christian Era64
Global Enlightenment Accelerates the Mission of Jesus
Chapter 8The Rise of Islam74
A Challenge to Christianity
Chapter 9Renewal and Revolution in Europe80
Cain and Abel Movements Shape the Future
Chapter 10The Advent of Communism91
Marxism Offers an Earthly Utopia
Chapter 11A Bitter 20th Century Harvest109
Evil Unleashed: Socialism, Communism and Fascism
Chapter 12The Communist Seduction129
Waking Up to a World of Broken Promises
Chapter 13The Rise of Communism China149
Casting a Dark Shadow Across the Earth
Chapter 14Marxism Metastasizes I171
American Marxists Final Trojan Horse and
The Frankfurt School Marries Marx with Freud
in Critical Theory
Chapter 15Marxism Metastasizes II187
Postmodernism Takes Critical Theory Global
Chapter 16Marxism Metastasizes III207
Social Justice Theory Infects Every Aspect of Life
Chapter 17Making Fallen Nature the Law225
Governments Side with Lucifer and Cain
Chapter 18America’s Providential Mission228
Divine Providence and the Rise of a Worldwide Abel
Chapter 19The Triumph of Good240
The Case for Personal Responsibility
Chapter 20Translating Words Into Action245
Building an Alliance to Defeat Evil
Chapter 21Conclusion258
The End of Marxism and the Dawn of a New Day
Appendix 1The Manifesto of the Communist Party262
Appendix 2The Death Toll of Communism298
Appendix 3A Marxist’s Explanation of Dialectical Materialism299
Appendix 4The Genesis Account of Eden and the Fall311
Appendix 5The Cain-Abel Paradigm in Old Testament History316
Appendix 6The Cain-Abel Paradigm in the Life of Jesus332
Appendix 7Martin Luther’s 95 Theses352
Appendix 8Major Denominational Families in Christianity362
Appendix 9English Bill of Rights, 1689363
Appendix 10Friedrich Engels on Nature and History as Process372
Appendix 11Full Circle: The Moral Force of Unified Science376
Appendix 12Highlights of Khrushchev’s 1960 Speeches
at the United Nations
Appendix 13Map of Socialist and Communist States, by Duration412
Appendix 14The Chinese Communist Party Has Destroyed
the Best of China
Appendix 15The Witness of Whittaker Chambers418
Appendix 16Khrushchev’s Speech on Stalin’s Cult of Personality421
Appendix 17Communist Party USA Membership 1922-1950438
Appendix 18Socialist/Communist Organizations
and Supporters based in America
Appendix 19UN Global Population Projections to 2021448
Appendix 20American Bill of Rights450
Appendix 21Postcolonial African Countries
Which Tried Communism
Appendix 22Black Lives Matter Combines Marxist
with Neo-Marxist Ideas
Appendix 23 EU Sues Hungary and Poland Over Gay Rights459
Appendix 24US Declaration of Independence464
Appendix 25Parallels in Providential History469
Appendix 26Dimensions of Cain-Abel Engagement470
Appendix 27Nine ‘Starter Steps’ to Save America from Socialism474
Glossary of
Names & Terms
Select Bibliography506