We are witnessing a crisis of civilization. The values that have sustained free societies under the rule of law are being undermined by materialist ideologies that are leading to the destruction of traditional institutions of faith and family as well as foundational principles of honor, fidelity and patriotism.

This steady erosion of civilizational values may be difficult for some to recognize, given the marvels of science and technology that are simultaneously transforming the world around us. Yet there are signs aplenty: the promotion of immorality in our entertainment, the dishonesty of our mass media, the suppression of dissent in our democracies, the sexual confusion among many of our youth, the moral decline of our religious institutions, the irresponsibility of our educators who lead students to reject traditional values and norms, the promotion of depressing dystopian visions of our future, and the reckless spending of governments on socialist programs that our children and children’s children will be forced to pay for.